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TechVoice Grass Roots Continue to Take Hold

TechVoice, a grass roots partnership among CompTIA, TECNA and other interested organizations, continues to grow. We now have ten organizations that are a part of the TechVoice community and we hope to add more in the New Year.

In a sign of the importance of public policy to our TechVoice partners, recently, Donn Morrill, executive director of the New York Technology Council (NYTC), invited CompTIA staff to present to the executive board of the Council. On December 12th, I traveled to New York City to give a presentation about the issues CompTIA is focusing on in Washington, D.C.

When I arrived in New York City, I did my very best New Yorker imitation to hail a cab. It only took ten minutes to be successful! Once I arrived, I was pleased to see a group of about 20 members from the NY Tech community were present. These individuals included NY Tech Council Board members, journalists and business executives.

Morrill began the presentation focusing on Internet sales tax. I followed with my presentation regarding access to capital, the payroll tax cut, cybersecurity, workforce development and immigration reform. Morrill and I fielded some very good questions – a sign that these issues matter to the tech community in New York.

This type of personal interaction is an important and effective tool for carrying the message for the IT industry. We look forward to having more briefings like these in 2012. If you have any questions or would like to learn how to become more involved with TechVoice, contact Matthew L. Evans, manager of public advocacy.