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Obama Budget Includes Tech-Friendly Signals

A look at the week of February 13 in public advocacy for the IT channel: This week, President Obama released his budget proposal which seeks to increase funding for science and technology education. In order to address industry concerns about cyber over-regulation by the Department of Homeland Security, the Senate bill will allow certain firms to appeal some regulations. A new report on health IT suggests that more health IT job opportunities are available than qualified people to fill them.

Obama Budget Includes Tech-Friendly Signals — President Obama is seeking a 2.6 percent increase to $3 billion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs, reports National Journal. The budget outlines goals to increase the number of STEM college graduates by 1 million over the next decade. Obama also would increase R&D spending by $2 billion or 1.4 percent over last year’s appropriations. More money would flow to programs at agencies like NASA, the Energy Department, and the Homeland Security Department, which would see a 26 percent increase in R&D funding.

Senate Cybersecurity Bill Would Let Firms Appeal Homeland Security Regulations — The leadership of the Senate Homeland Security Committee will introduce a comprehensive cybersecurity bill on Tuesday that would allow firms to appeal whether new security regulations should apply to their sector. Several groups representing portions of the private sector considered part of the critical infrastructure have expressed concern about the impact of the regulations on both security and the bottom line, says The Hill.

Demand Exceeds Supply for Some Health IT Jobs — A recent brief from eHealth Initiative asserts more health IT job opportunities are available than qualified people to fill them, especially on the health data exchange front. The report comes on the heels of a Feb. 1 update from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that reveals jobs in the healthcare sector will outpace growth in other sectors through 2020, says Healthcare IT News.