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Growth in Federal Cyberattacks Slows

A look at the week of March 19 in public advocacy for the IT channel: This week, the Senate is reviewing the House’s JOBS bill which aims to increase means of raising capital for businesses. The Office of Management and Budget has released a report that federal cyberattacks have decreased in the past year. The Huffington Post examines the current landscape of cybersecurity legislation and the possible future outcomes.

Senate Debates Small-Business Bill — The Senate has taken up the House’s JOBS bill, which makes it easier for small companies, and many large ones as well, to seek investment in the capital markets, reports the New York Times. Although described as a small-business bill, the House’s legislation eases disclosure and oversight requirements for small and giant corporations alike.

OMB: Growth in Federal Cyberattacks Slows — Cyberattacks on the federal government continue to increase, but most were "phishing" attempts and reports of threats largely leveled out in the past year, according to the Office of Management and Budget. OMB reported a five percent increase in cyberattacks on federal networks in 2011, based on reports to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, OMB reported. That's compared to a 39 percent spike in such attacks in the previous fiscal year, says National Journal.

Cybersecurity Bill Faces Uncertain Future in Fight over Regulation — In recent weeks, the prospect of passing major cybersecurity legislation for the first time has grown uncertain. Senators have introduced competing bills amid differences over whether the Department of Homeland Security should be given power to enforce cybersecurity standards at private companies, which own and operate 85 percent of critical infrastructure. Huffington Post examines the current landscape and the likelihood of getting legislation passed.